Fugalite Eco Liquid Ceramic - - Fugalite Eco Brown 11
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Fugalite Eco Brown 11

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Fugalite Eco Brown 11


Certified, eco-friendly, vitrified, high-slide, easy-to-clean grout and adhesive, bacteriostatic and fungistatic, water and stain proof for joints of between 0 and 20 mm with a high level of chemical and mechanical resistance, guarantees the continuity of ceramic surfaces, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. With very low volatile organic compound emissions.

Fugalite® Eco is a liquid ceramic for the smooth, unbroken grouting of all ceramic and glass mosaic coverings. Available in 3 colour collections giving a total of 29 different colours and allowing unlimited creative potential and original combinations as well as a striking finish.

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PRODUCT STRENGTHS                             



·       Category: Organic Mineral Product

·       Class: Mineral grouts

·       Rating: Eco 1

·       Recycled mineral product 30%

·       Very low VOC emissions 49 μg/m3

·       Solvent Less than 5g/kg

Can be recycled as inert material



·      The use of sand formed by natural       processes allows substantial energy saving. 

·      The Extra-fine white colour contain micro glass beads made from recycled glass.

Bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties are obtained without using biocides



·      Internal floors and walls

·      Suitable for porcelain, ceramics, large format, low thickness slabs and glass mosaic

·      Vitrified, guarantees lasting performance of ceramics

·      Vitrified, ideal to bond and grout glass mosaic

·      Vitrified, complete colour uniformity

·      Vitrified, impermeable to water, stains and dirt

·      Vitrified, prevents the development of mould and bacteria. 


AREA OF USE                                                                                                                


Water-resistant grouting of joints with high chemical and mechanical resistance and a high level of hardness.
Materials to be grouted:
- porcelain tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats
- recomposed materials
Flooring and walls in indoor, domestic, commercial and industrial applications and street furniture subject to permanent or occasional contact with chemical substances, in environments subject to heavy traffic, swimming pools, thermal water baths and fountains, also in  areas subject to thermal shock and freezing.
Do not use:
On porous flooring for which more specific or alternative chemical resistances are required compared with those listed in the chemical resistances table, to grout elastic expansion or fractionizing joints or on substrates that are not fully dry and subject to moisture rising.






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